The Company

Since meeting in 1985, Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté have created performances at the intersection between dance and theatre.

The diversity of research they have conducted acts as a mirror for what is strangely troubling in us, for our obscure fantasies while at the same time questions the incoherencies that exist in our relationship with the world.

The duo they form harbours that special force that allows them to endure, with each in turn initiating a project while the other accompanies and fortifies the process. They also surround themselves with performers who are capable of proposing gestural material that nourishes the composition of the performances, as well as musicians and set and costume designers with whom the realisation of the work is inextricably linked.

Through the years the performances of the Company have been presented in many different places throughout the world.


Mossoux-Bonté? Oh, the disturbing strangeness ...
They are known by name and reputation, but they remain elusive. Perhaps because they are incurable jack-of-all traders, who navigate from puppet to installation, make incursions into the stations to then find the intimacy of the theater, alternating solos and important distributions, tiny set and vast stage.


We recognize a style, the signature is there, even if two writings are superimposed and disturb. But we are never certain of what we will find in the bend of a new creation. They remain unpredictable, in an incessant renewal of forms, supports, languages. This is where their shows can be invited to travel, touching the most varied, the most heterogeneous audiences. Touching the person, playing with cultures, looking in the hollow, in the intimate, in the secret of being. They go through streams and modes.

Panorama of contemporary dance, Textuel Editions
Rosita Boisseau, Journalist / 2008