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Cie Mossoux-Bonté

Excerpt of an interview with Pol Arias

We work around a certain complexity and complementarity.  That which we create is in effect a language that exists between different disciplines.  The best would be to talk about dance-theater.
We work together: alternating, one of the two of us being responsible for the concept of the performance as the other follows along in the process, and vice-versa.  With time the points of respective intervention have become closely intertwined.  The goal, at any rate is for each project to find the form that best corresponds to its specific subject.  The performances are all very different one from another; what remains is a way of working on stage with what is unusual, a kind of presence.

We have performed in more than 30 countries.  That dates back to our beginnings, in 1985 with Juste Ciel.
As we weren't part of any precise movement or trend, certain performances sometimes stay a long time in the repertory.  We've been performing Cranach for more than 20 years, and Twin Houses for 18 years.  We work with suggestion and certain themes have a different and particular resonance in different countries: the relationship with death in Mexico, the melancholy in Germany, humor in Belgium and England...


Excerpt of an interview of Patrick Bonté by Pol Arias • 2002