© Mikha Wajnrych
© Per Morten Abrahamsen
Cie Mossoux-Bonté

Creation process

There is a concept that recurs often in our creative process, and that’s "to leave": it incites within us the feeling of separation, from loved ones, but also from our culture, our customs? How much of oneself is missing?... And then there is the story, told a little differently depending on the context, of the soul that would travel slower than the body, that would only catch up to it much later on. You would lose your soul when when traveling by plane: we all know that feeling of arriving mentally absent at a destination. Curious parallel with the voyage of the Aborigines: it can happen that they they sometimes stop along the way without food, drink or rest, just to wait for their souls to join them.

The performance uses ice-skating techniques in order to create a language that remains suggestive, poetic, where imagination prevails over physical performance without taking away from the magnificent experience of gliding.

The performers have all been at one time professional skaters, either in the field of figure skating, roller skating or ice hockey. They are led by Pierre Trente who puts his qualities as the coach of the French Olympic figure-skating team to good use in the service of a project where the frictions of daily life, its imperfections and slip-ups, are never-ending.

Thomas Turine, creates in this his fourth musical composition for the company, a sound environment composed of abrasiveness and passion, of ominous or more insouciant layers, within which the skaters’ movements glide.
Colette Huchard, who has worked with the Company since its inception, designed costumes ranging from unifying somber overcoats to a variety of clothing beneath, diverse in color and fabrics.
Koert Vermeulen, Lighting and Multimedia Designer, has recreated the atmosphere of a frozen lake in the rink.


Nicole Mossoux • 2011