© Thibault Grégoire
© Mikha Wajnrych
Cie Mossoux-Bonté

The mechanics of the project

We live, we die, what's left?  What do we leave behind?
How all that we have received and passed on to those who follow us, how is it adapted, how is it transformed, so that emergent forms, forever new and yet never the first, will in turn be transfigured by the generations who follow? 

The mechanics of the project are based quite directly upon this thematic.
Articulated through the transmission of a flexible gestural module, that one must "take possession of" and teach to the others, is the creation of a family of gestures in which each has a role to fill, like a link in a chain where each generation has characteristics specific to themselves and finally where there is a place for the affirmation of the individual, of a singular response.

Before everything, the core of the project is made manifest in each moment we pass from one individual to the next, with the goal of deformation, of a reinterpretation of the initial proposition, a way of "inhabiting" it - beyond the impartial limits both spacial and temporal.

It is in the very beginnings of the installation that the raison d'être of the project is to be found within questions that ask for no definite answer "what is worth passing on and how to go about doing so",  in any case with the desire that a core of sensibilities will be formed, creating the way for a type of performance in which each audience member, is free to observe its movements, not simply seated in the darkness of the theater space but able to feel implicated in it.


Nicole Mossoux • 2004