© Mikha Wajnrych
© Mikha Wajnrych
Cie Mossoux-Bonté


Twelve performers, most of whom are long time collaborators with Company Mossoux-Bonté, took part in a year of labratories in which they generated gestural modules, phrases, loops, various attitudes they’d observed, adopted, transmitted, developed or deformed.

That work served to question, in Générations, one’s being in the world, the individual and the group, the circulation of energies. Consequently it happens in many different places as the audience is free to move about the space (around the perimeter of the performance).

From one place to another with both vertiginous and subtle depth, fascination is at work.

Marie Baudet, La Libre Belgique / March 2004


With Générations Company Mossou-Bonté deliver a voyage among the best (…)
Mixing dance, theatre and visual art, the company instantly confirms its very acute sense of form. In this case it is a living form around which one can move: the installation is intended to last two and a half hours. One can sit down, change places, leave and come back.

Mostly, like the majority of the audience, you don’t really want to move around. After the beautiful discovery and interrogation that accompanies it (what will happen next ?) you begin to really observe the small troupe. The smallest gesture becomes a source of intrigue, of possible interpretation, a key to understanding the action (…)
The most striking aspect of the piece is the organic momentum of the dancers, most of whom are long-time collaborators with the Company.

After a year of work they have become an intuitive group in which each one follows the impulse of the others and recognizes the movements they wrote together. The result: they metamorphose into passers-by both foreign and familiar whose image follows us for a long time afterward into the black night.

Laurent Ancion, Le Soir / April 2005