© Mikha Wajnrych
© Danièle Pierre
Cie Mossoux-Bonté


Melancholy in the half-light, sliding along the ice, cutting through the air, Migrations succeeds in expressing the sensation of liberty, the freedom to move around the world and remove all obstacles. ‘On ice because the body glides along and changes position without any hindrance.’ Very powerful indeed, the poetry evokes the reality of migrants without falling into realism.

N.A., Focus-Le Vif / May 2012


One is immediately struck by the beautiful images created by the constraints imposed by dancing on ice, with all the voluntary falls and collective movements.

Guy Duplat, La Libre Belgique / November 2011


A rare language is generated by the dancers’ successive evolutions. Bodies that rock from one foot to another, small stiff jumps on tippy toes, a dynamic graphically disputed in a continuous momentum…

Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde / March 2011


The disconcerting gestures frequently provoke accidents along the various trajectories, with sudden stops that occur when the hard ground imposes its rhythm upon a bend along the way. The ice is slowly covered with scars. In the floodlights the blank page is in the grip of a quandary of human controversy in which the contradictions of beings who do not know which way to go are inscribed.

Muriel Steinmetz, L'Humanité / March 2011