© Mikha Wajnrych
© John  Vinke
Cie Mossoux-Bonté


The Belgian company Mossoux-Bonté delivers a sensitive choreography, between equilibrium and fragility. The feeling of weightlessness almost gives us wings!

V.P., Elle / November 2011


Three suspended bodies lost and held in tension come together, intertwine and move apart in a surprising atmosphere of absolute osmosis.
O.H., Le Vif-L'Express / May 2008


Seven musicians are planted on the ground while the music of Scelsi rises into the sky. Three notes are suspended in the air: grey-clad dancers in duplicate hang by three red cords. Still at first they eventually fly and dance another score, as captivating and fascinating as the musical one. Little by little the audience enters into a hypnosis from which they will only awake to applaud the musicians and dancers. Thank you for this joy.

Danièle Carraz, La Provence / February 2008


A tangible voyage into a place of a kind of collective meditation… Troubling, very troubling.

O.H., Le Vif-L'Express / March 2007


A captivating and dreamy performance of absolute refinement.

Guy Duplat, La Libre Belgique / March 2007


The dancers dance in the air and fly across the ground in splendid slowed movments in which they seem to be literally suspended in time. A magical performance in which the audience experiences the strange and marvelous feeling of weightlessness.

Jean-Marie Wynants, Le Soir / Mars 2007