© Mikha Wajnrych
© Thibault Grégoire
Cie Mossoux-Bonté

Note of intention

They are of another time, those whom we watch.  Perhaps an eternal present in which everything "happens" to them.  They perceive differently than us, they react to events that we cannot understand.  The are not the object of an over-all focalization, unified: the audience member, wandering, is to create his own point of view, to choose his angle of vision.
They are body-places, meteorites that have landed there by chance.  Yet we feel them linked, pulled toward an exterior point, or moved by a common state.  They traverse a universe together, at the same moment, while always giving their interpretation of it, each inscribing it in their individual manner.  As all the stimulus is imaginary, at times they give a sign of what moves them and a resulting personal reaction to it.
Are they not perhaps a living trace, the concentrated symbol of a present that is at this moment happening... elsewhere?


Patrick Bonté • 2004