© Danièle Pierre
Cie Mossoux-Bonté


Five articulated figures manipulate Nicole Mossoux, encrust themselves upon a leg, borrow one of her arms or take away one of her hands.  A cruel and graceful ballet in which each one seems to want to take control of the others and in which it is at times difficult to distinguish the living from the puppet.

Christelle Granja, Libération / August 2013


An extraordinary performance in which astonishment and charm, the serenity of a knowing smile or certain disquiet, tenderness and death all mingle.
(…) Nicole Mossoux is extraordinary, by her almost atonal presence, her mastery of the space and her relationship with the audience, the void she creates in order for us to enter into the pas de deux and her ability to cohabit as an equal with her incredible other “halves”.  The vignettes emerge from the darkness, lighting a mystery within us, feeding it for several instances before fading away without ever having exhausted our imagination.

Sophie Creuz, L’écho / December 1994


A captivating voyage both humorous and mysterious into the very heart of the troubles we try to quiet or the impulses we try to strangle rather than assume.  A surprising dialogue with the other or others which move within us and which Nicole Mossoux brings (in every sense of the word) majestically to life. Intensely magical.

Christelle Prouvost, Le Soir / January 1994