© Patrick Bonté
© Jean-Luc Tanghe
Cie Mossoux-Bonté


The solo Alban is a raw and intense piece of pictorial cruelty, directed by Nicole Mossoux. (Victor) Dumont, chest with prominent ribs, as though he has just stepped out of a painting by El Greco, huge skirt around his waist, moves very slowly, sometimes spreading his wings, like a Saint Sebastian calling on imaginary arrows to torture him. Breathtaking.

Christian Jade, RTBF.be / March 2017


Life, death, urges and their constantly renewed struggle haunt Alban of the Mossoux-Bonté Company.

Marie Baudet, La Libre / March 2017


Alban is about a creature somewhere between a warrior, a bird and a mermaid. Victor Dumont gives shape to this slow and captivating struggle as life instincts and death wishes worm their way in.

Marie Baudet, La Libre / October 2018


Alban, solo created in 2017, builds up a powerful universe around the dancer Victor Dumont, who moves around bare-chested and dressed in a large skirt. The work on the body is once again very present, the interplay with the lights, the use of profile spots to conjure away certain parts of his body in the dark, to better let loose those which remain in the light, with magnificent effects. A piece with a concentration of energy, full of slow, tense movements, twists and rotations. The music, which flirts with the concrete music, introduces the sounds of nature: running water, the impact of stones as they crash against one other… This gives, in counterpoint to the dance which is so intense you might say it’s tortured, a sort of primitive, telluric magic that is quite simply beautiful.

Mathieu Dochtermann, TouteLaCulture.com / October 2018