© Mikha Wajnrych
© Julien Lambert
Cie Mossoux-Bonté


(At) The Crack of Dawn takes place on a white background with the silhouettes of the three dancers standing out against the backlighting. The three characters look for one another, with worried gestures, find themselves and hold themselves back, clinging onto one another in the half-dark. The movements are feverish, the lack of balance emphasises the fragility of the bodies. When the three are finally stripped of their clothes and shoes, they manage to establish some sort of dialogue. The final appearance of the light catches them half naked, the group with their backs turned at the rear of the stage. Their final glance at the audience is full of concern, reminiscent of that of wild animals, caught in the headlights.

Mathieu Dochtermann, TouteLaCulture.com / October 2018


(At) the Crack of Dawn (reunites) three dancers in a sort of imaginary Sabbath, part-graceful, part-disturbing (...). The light (sculpts) the bodies (by drawing) back-lit contours (...). But the white of the breaking dawn never truly does away with the melancholic solitudes which populate it…

Marie Baudet, La Libre / October 2018