© Thibault Grégoire
© Mikha Wajnrych
Cie Mossoux-Bonté

Rencontres et décalages


Writers, critics and dramaturges take a look at the work by Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté: reflections based upon a perusal and articulation of what is suggested by the interwoven gestures, strangeness, the different presences, the inflections of light and sound...  This work is also the occasion to examine the company's process and scenic conceptions.

Texts by Marie Baudet, Rosita Boisseau, Gaston Compère, Daniel De Bruycker, Jo Dekmine, François Emmanuel, Yannic Mancel, Marcel Moreau, Jean-Marie Piemme, March Rombaut, Olivier Smolders, Raoul Vaneigem, Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté.

Original illustrations by Paola Lo Sciuto