Ghost hand challenge

Whispers was supposed to have been performed in Leipzig this end of May. Instead, you can explore the theme and language developed in the production by sending us a short filmed improvisation of 2min30 maximum. The exercise is called the ghost hand.

You will find the tutorial and the guidelines here, where all the videos of the haunting presences you might have opened yourselves to will be revealed. You can send us your videos until the 9th August at

We want to thank all the participants and the Westflügel-team for this initiative.
We look forward to discovering who is hiding behind you.

Until then

While we are waiting to hit the road and come together again, you can find the films by the Company in free access here
We can't wait to trade our screens for actual encounters.
See you soon.

Cancelled and postponed dates (COVID-19)

The following performance dates have been cancelled or postponed because of the prevention measures against the spread of coronavirus: 
- The Great He-Goat / 26th March 2020 / Dieppe Scène Nationale - Dieppe (France)
- The Great He-Goat / 2nd April 2021 instead of 14th April 2020 / L'Odyssée - Périgueux (France)
- The Great He-Goat / 7-9th May 2020 / FIMFA festival - Lisboa (Portugal)
- Whispers / 29-30th October 2020 instead of 14-15th May 2020 / Mukamas Festival - Tampere (Finland)
- Whispers / 28-29th May 2020 / Westflügel - Leipzig (Germany)
- Histoire de l'imposture / 1st June 2021 instead of 3rd June 2020 / Festival Tours d'Horizon - Tours (France)
- The Great He-Goat / 2nd July 2021 instead of 26th June 2020 / Figurentheaterfestival Blickwechsel - Magdeburg (Germany)
- Les buveuses de café / 19-23rd October 2021 instead of 20-24th October 2020 / Les Brigittines - Brussels (Belgium)
- The Great He-Goat / 29th April 2021 / Equilibre/Nuithonie - Fribourg (Switzerland)
We will keep you updated.
Take care of yourself and others !