© Julien Lambert
© Michel Jakar
Cie Mossoux-Bonté


(…) Trouble is everywhere, slyly invading the theatre, where you constantly wonder what will happen next. Nothing is actually definite but rather suggested, perhaps in order to leave the spectator the possibility of filling in what they see with their own emotions and experience. A forceful work results, executed by very high level and very engaged performers.

Jean-Marie Gourreau, Critiphotodanse / April 2011


(…) The absence of text not only allows the language barrier to fall away but also opens up the possibility of interpretation and generates a disquiet that implicates the audience. The performance is an object that is viewable by everyone and is shared between the audience, the actors and the dancers. It is all about suggestion, a proposition, an invitation to enter into a world that permits us to construct our own images (…)

Didier Béclard, L'Echo / January 2009