© Mikha Wajnrych
© Mikha Wajnrych
Cie Mossoux-Bonté

More information about the Company

Since they met in 1985, Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté have taken turns at initiating projects around which they gather a crew that is ready for anything: dancers who will play the game, musicians with a good eye, adventurous costume and set designers, who will fall into step each in their own way.
She comes from dance. He comes from theatre. Their distrust in the onstage presence diktats imposed by their respective disciplines made them push both to their limits and rummage through the unexplored to develop a new language for every production at the crossing between the two tracks by means of suggestion.
No reading is imposed. It is the spectators’ way of looking, their imagination that are engaged. It should therefore come as no surprise that if the duo were to invoke forerunners, it would be in the fields of visual arts, literature, psychanalysis and music rather than within the theatre or dance scene. It is up to the spectators to slide into the interstices of their obscure fantasies, the incoherencies in our relationship with the world, into the troubling zones of our sensibility and our worrying strangeness that are mirrored in the Company’s work.

In parallel, the Company provides moments of sharing with different audiences: workshops with autistic children, performing arts students, spectators or consultancy for other artists, as well as the provision of a rehearsal studio.
Films and publications have followed one another throughout the years of research to allow another glimpse at and possibly another understanding of the issues addressed on stage.
The performances by the Company have been presented across the world.