© Christophe Loiseau
Cie Mossoux-Bonté

Light !

A hemeralopic show that contradicts, once and for all, our fear of the dark…and reconciles us with the obscurity that created us. When your shadow follows you relentlessly or seems to want to get ahead of you, when it no longer resembles you and seeks to surprise you on street corners, when it starts dancing instead of you… When all the shadows of the world merge together in order to form only one, so black and dense that we no longer see… Light!

The game is to deflect visual certainties and to call into question the materiality of the body in the face of light and shadows. It is similar to the way that our fantasies and our fears sometimes take on a greater sense of reality in our mind’s eyes than in life itself.

Concept and choreography Nicole Mossoux
Direction Patrick Bonté, Nicole Mossoux
Performers Nicole Mossoux
Music Christian Genet
Set Jean-Claude De Bemels, Mikha Wajnrych
Costumes Colette Huchard
Make-up Jean-Pierre Finotto
Stage management Mikha Wajnrych
Technical direction Pierre Stoffyn
Technical assistant Claude Taymans

Production: Cie Mossoux-Bonté in coproduction with Charleroi/Danses – Centre Chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgium)
With the support of the Théâtre Varia, Bruxelles (Belgium), Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles, Dance department and Wallonie-Bruxelles International.
Thanks to Théâtre du Tilleul