© Mikha Wajnrych
© Mikha Wajnrych
Cie Mossoux-Bonté

Petite imposture

In the autumn of 2014, inspired by Silvia Bidegain* and Christian Lanthoën**, we shared one of our last creations with a group of performing arts students from the Paris Conservatory (the dance department is directed by Christophe Paré). We were confronted with the reality of how dance education has changed since we had moved away from it at the end of the 1970s. With the young performers and inspired by the composition of Histoire de l’imposture (to which we remained faithful) we explored the possibilities of different qualities of presence and the reinterpretation of the intentions that lie behind form.
Something extraordinary happened when the students understood that they could do more than simply execute the piece. Their response to the work was dynamic, full of curiosity and fantasy – a breath of fresh air for us!

Petite Imposture consists of the last 20 minutes of Histoire de l’imposture, taken almost in extenso

* Silvia Bidegain is ballet Master at the CSNMDP (National Conservatory of Dance and Music in Paris).
** Currently director for the Jeune Ballet au CSNMDP, Christian Lanthoën participated in the programing of Dernières Hallucinations de Lucas Cranach L’Ancien in the Hippodrome de Douai in 1997.


Concept Patrick Bonté
Direction and choreography Patrick Bonté in collaboration with Nicole Mossoux
Reconstruction Sébastien Jacobs and Marco Torrice
(first cast) Antoine Dubois, Juliette Fisson, Lou Gulli, Baptiste Martinez and Stella Moretti
Performers (second cast) Antoine Arbeit, Clémentine Lebas, Mathilde Meritet, Anthony Roques and Aure Wachter
Music Thomas Turine
Set Didier Payen
Costumes Colette Huchard
Light Patrick Bonté
Technical direction David Jans