© Danièle Pierre
© Thibault Grégoire
Cie Mossoux-Bonté

Cosmic Orphans

I can see myself as a child dreaming (in my dream) that I am dreaming.

On the 9th of October 2013, for the opening of the Festival Tam-Tam in Saint-Paul (La Réunion), in the Eugène Dayot’s school courtyard, ten adults and ten children performed a piece inspired by the eponymous fresco by N.S. Harsha.

The performance was centered around two poles: the tranquility of sleep and the disorder of nightmares. With the following question as backdrop: do we share the same dreams in both hemispheres ?

The project took place after a four-week laboratory with a group constituted by five men and five women, all of whom were performing arts professionals but with different backgrounds : actors, dancers, pupetteers and street artists. Rehearsing days were split between training hours – tought by Shantala Pèpe – adapted to everyone’s abilities and group improvisations and personal compositions.

Every member of the creation team - musician, singer, costume, set and light designer were all chosen amongst artists from the island - followed the making of project from its early steps on.


Concept, direction and choreography Nicole Mossoux
Physical trainer and performer Shantala Pèpe
Adult performers Alexis Campos, Olivier Corista, Marie-Sabine Deglise, Sébastien Deroi, Mariyya Evrard, Sylvie Esperance, Nicolas Garo, Malika Gessinn, José NJiva Andrianantenaina and Fanny Sauvage
Child performers Loane Castillon, Yuna Chebab, Nohane Douguet, Milann François-Voltzenlogel, Mathéo Montagnon, Inès Nurbel, Paul Payol, Cécile Pothin, Laura Ramakistin and Pablo Sénescat
Sound composition Didier Ringot
Sound mix Yann Hernot
Costumes Arielle Aubert
Costume assistant and drawings on the ground Séverine Hennetier
Light technician Nicolas Henri et Tristan Thomas
Sound technician Cédric Corrieri
Stage manager Pierre Mondon
Logistics Gwenola Kermabon
Children guide Brigitte Faure

Coproduction Théâtre des Alberts, Compagnie Danses en l’R and Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté, in collaboration with Jeudi Formation.