Les enfants du jeudi

Dance workshops for children with autism or other developmental disorders.

These workshops offer a place for exploration through dance movement. The dancers accompany each child in their specific quality of movement, while the varied dimensions of the games proposed encourage the different individuals to come together and hopefully lead them to transformation.


Between 1990 and 2003 and then 2014, Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté made several excursions into the domain of cinema and video, establishing partnerships with different directors, notably Dirk Gryspeirt and Michel Jakar and the artist Susu Laroche.


The Company has always been invested in an effort of transmission towards professional performers and students of perfoming arts schools. Instead of using a pedagogy in the original meaning of the term, we try to propose an immersion within the realm of specific projects for them to become a meeting ground and allow for a true exchange between us and the participants, the goal for the participants being to learn how to serve the project and bring it their know-how and imagination. A real auberge espagnole as we say in French (meaning you get out of something, what you put in it, and everything else you were not expecting).

In residency with us

In administrative and artistic residency, ours accomplices Shantala Pèpe and Fré Werbrouck.
In administrative residency, the company Wooshing Machine.